If you’re readi…

If you’re reading this, if there’s air in your lungs on this November day, then there is still hope for you. Your story is still going. And maybe some things are true for all of us. Perhaps we all relate to pain. Perhaps we all relate to fear and loss and questions. And perhaps we all deserve to be honest, all deserve whatever help we need. Our stories are all so many things: Heavy and light. Beautiful and difficult. Hopeful and uncertain. But our stories aren’t finished yet. There is still time, for things to heal and change and grow. There is still time to be surprised. We are still going, you and I. We are stories still going.
– Jamie Tworkowski


Without Saying A Word

You shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about what you wear. But, just make sure that when you clothe and layer yourself you do so in a manner that reflects who you are. Not who people think you are, or who people assume you to be. It’s like once everyone decides who you are, you’re locked into their version of you and that’s it. But that’s the biggest lie of all. You can be whoever the hell you want to be.

You can say what you want. And do what you want. And no one can ever tell you otherwise, because they don’t have the right. And if they tell you anyways, then you have the right to totally disregard their opinion and assumptions. Because only you know who you really are, or who you have the potential to be. So, wear what makes you happy. Dress in clothes that tell people who you are without saying a word. Not in the things that are fads or trends. Wear what you want to wear because you feel good in it. Because it’s not about them, it never was, and never will be. It’s about you and what you love, and what suits you. It’s what makes you feel like what you wear suits whose inside. 

As long as you wear what other’s expect you to, you are just wearing it for the everyday, why not wear it for you. Style isn’t fashion. Style is you, wearing what you want and everyone else be damned. 

Lists: Things I am not great at.

  1. Being organized in my living space. Organized chaos please.
  2. Taking people’s feelings into consideration. The truth is the truth…sorry
  3. Remaining serious in serious situations. Smothered laughter over here.
  4. Sticking to one decision…like, I have a right to change my mind! Once or twice…or thirty times
  5. Cooking. But I make a damn good breakfast. 

For whatever re…

For whatever reason, there are people we like and people we don’t like. It’s hard to say why, and often a difficult opinion to change. Luckily, there’s no steadfast rule stating that we must like everyone. But to keep from disliking ourselves, we should develop the good character to treat everyone kindly, whether or not we deem them deserving.
– Richelle E. Goodrich


I yearn for…change. Any form of it. I just want to start living, because right now I just feel as if I’m waiting for death. And I’m too young to feel like this, too young to live with all this. I should feel liberated, irresponsible, carefree. But instead, I’m oppressed with thoughts of responsibility and consequences.

Edie Sedgwick once said;

“I want to reach people and express myself. You have to put up with the risk of being misunderstood if you are going to try to communicate. You have to put up with people projecting their own ideas, attitudes, misunderstanding you. But it’s worth being a public fool if that’s all you can be in order to communicate yourself.” 

And if she were still around today I would say, ‘How, Edie, how do I do this? Because more times than not, almost everything is easier said than done.’

How do you express yourself with the prediction that you will be misunderstood? But at the same time, every cell in your being screams to you; don’t you dare conform for the sake of others! If you do, you will lose yourself.

Some may conform despite this internal revelation, and those few are bombarded with yet another revelation. They realize that the worst feeling in the world is not when you lose somebody else; it’s when you lose yourself. And once you lose yourself there’s no way to get it back. They say love is fleeting, but it’s not. Not really, anyway. You will always love someone, whether brother, father, mother, daughter, or friend. But your identity, your sense of individuality, your sense of belonging to self, is really and truly fleeting.