A Thousand Moments & Then A Thousand Moments More

Life is a series of moments. The good, the bad and the in-between.

I don’t think one moment can change us really, or that one experience can so profoundly impact our lives. Nor can a single person become our entire world. These thoughts – so commonly believed and yet, so preposterous really.

 One event can change us…for a little while – just enough until the event, itself, slips from our memories. Every moment starts in such sharp detail, each aspect pronounced and clear. But as time progresses, this life-altering-moment begins to fade, harder to see, with everything that you were once so sure of suddenly not familiar.

So, no, a single experience is not enough to change our character flaws. A single experience is full of empty resolutions. A promise not said aloud is always forgotten and then, it was never really a promise at all.

And, again, no, a single person cannot become our entire world. Because, really, how ridiculous is that? Think about it, our entire world. I mean, sure, if you love someone, I mean really love someone, then they may take up a large quantity of your world but they can’t be the whole thing. Because no one, not a single person on this earth, could shoulder the entire world. No, that’s why your life is made up of pieces; little pieces given to you by everyone you will ever meet and it’s your job to decide which pieces fit and which don’t. First, though, really think about it; don’t take it lightly, because no matter which pieces you give away, each and every one of them will set your world on a tilt. It’s your decision. No one will tell you what to do. No one has the right. But that also means that no one will take the blame for your mistakes. Because the mistakes you make count. Not forever. But they do matter, and they shape you, they shape your world. If you take nothing else from this post, at least remember this: make your choices well. Because you’ll always be accountable for them.

 Now, I feel myself needing to repeat my first sentence: life is a series of moments. Not all of them big but just enough to be infused into your memory. Waiting. Waiting for a smell, or a sound, or a taste to bring it back to the forefront of your mind again. Because there must be something about those moments – something about those summers filled with the smell of chlorine and freshly-cut grass, something about long lazy days, knowing that autumn’s just around the corner, another year, another Christmas – those small, seemingly insignificant moments that don’t change anything really. But every once in a while you find yourself thinking about that day where everything felt okay. Not the best, but in that moment it was okay to just be.

 Remember, there are a thousand people who will impact your life – either on a large or small scale – and there will be a series of experiences that will change you. Small changes, unnoticed even to you. But they’re the best kind of changes. The ones that sneak up on you; slowly but surely.

Of course, with every small happiness comes a slice of caution – I guess, it’s that whole yin-and-yang process in action. Don’t just assume that for every moment there will be a thousand more, because the really good moments, the best moments, their the one’s that if you blink, you’re guaranteed to miss it, because they only last a second – and too many people take these moments for granted. Don’t be one of them.


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