The Language of Color.

Someone once told me that we see each other in colors. And that these colors act as symbols for words or emotions or personalities. So we might describe someone as sad or angry – but we actually see them as grey. Although, that’s not to mean that we have to be one color. No, we are seen as many different colors by many different people. It’s all about perception. The green you see may present itself as red to another. Or the way you perceive the sunset with pinks, purples and orange may be the blues, greens, and yellows to someone who is standing right next to you.

I may see you as a grey, a deep angry grey and someone else may see you as a calming blue. You see me as an arrogant purple, but I see myself as an enthusiastic, vibrant and flamboyant orange. But there is someone who sees me as a red. A shocking irresistible scarlet, with hints of a flushed and blushy pink that stings and burns.

We all may think we burn red to everyone, or maybe we think we embody a feminine energy with our shimmery silvers, but really, there is someone out there that sees us as a formal black, a cold elegant black – totally and completely unapproachable. Or maybe we are seen as an envious and inexperienced green.

We all just cross our fingers that we might find someone who sees us in the color we see ourselves, with hints of that searing red.



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