Without Saying A Word

You shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about what you wear. But, just make sure that when you clothe and layer yourself you do so in a manner that reflects who you are. Not who people think you are, or who people assume you to be. It’s like once everyone decides who you are, you’re locked into their version of you and that’s it. But that’s the biggest lie of all. You can be whoever the hell you want to be.

You can say what you want. And do what you want. And no one can ever tell you otherwise, because they don’t have the right. And if they tell you anyways, then you have the right to totally disregard their opinion and assumptions. Because only you know who you really are, or who you have the potential to be. So, wear what makes you happy. Dress in clothes that tell people who you are without saying a word. Not in the things that are fads or trends. Wear what you want to wear because you feel good in it. Because it’s not about them, it never was, and never will be. It’s about you and what you love, and what suits you. It’s what makes you feel like what you wear suits whose inside. 

As long as you wear what other’s expect you to, you are just wearing it for the everyday, why not wear it for you. Style isn’t fashion. Style is you, wearing what you want and everyone else be damned. 


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